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                      Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League

a Cal Ripken Sanction League


This is the official website for news about the DURHAM BULLS YOUTH ATHLETIC LEAGUE located in Durham, North Carolina.

This site will give information about the DBYAL program,  how to register for youth sports seasons,  schedules for coaches meetings, league practices, game schedules, fundraising events, sponsorship/partnership opportunities and how YOU can become a part of this great and diverse non-profit program which has served the youth of the City of Durham, North Carolina for 20 years.





  For more information on

youth sports programs contact:

Herb Sellers (DBYAL)
e-mail:  [email protected]
 phone:  (919) 491-7038

Erwin Baker (PAL) 
[email protected]
phone:  (919) 560-4438 x29400

John Cirillo (TUSA)
e-mail:  [email protected] 










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