Durham Bulls Youth Athletic League

a Cal Ripken Sanction League

2014 DBYAL Board                                (Election: January 6, 2014)

Herb Sellers, Chairman

Claudine Thompson, Secretary

Tyrone Flintall, Assistant Secretary

Vic Vaughn, Treasurer

e Birling, Gen. Mgr. - Durham Bulls Baseball Club
Erwin Baker, Durham Police Department/Police Athletic League
Don Etheridge, Legal Counsel
Frank Jacobs, Jr., Independent Construction
Ana Velasquez, Latino Community Liaison
Michael Foster, North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company
John Cirillo, Triangle United Soccer Association
Joshua Dorsette, Director/Salvation Boys & Girls Club of Durham, NC
Andy Widmark, Mark Properties
Ivy Taylor, Transamerica
Terry McMillan, Veterans Administration
Greg Grayson, DPD Ret.
Virginia Cross-Shahid, DBYAL Communications


Past Board Members:

      Herb Sellers           Erwin Baker               Mike Birling             Mike Foster      Phil Nousak
       Frank Jacobs          Jon Cirillo                   Joshua Dorsette       Vic Vaughn       Ana Valasquez
       Andy Widmark       Claudine Thompson    Virginia Cross          Don Etheridge


Herb Sellers Eugenia Rogers Mike Birling Phil Nousak
Erwin Baker Mike Foster Frank Jacobs John Cirillo
Joshua Dorsette Shirley Arrington Ana Valesquez  Don Etheridge
Vic Vaughn Virginia Shahid               Andy Widmark


      Herb Sellers            Mike Foster          Andy Widmark         Frank Jacobs
      Eugenia Rogers       Teretha Tate         Ana Valasquez         Vic Vaughn
      Phil Nousak             Mike Birling           Jon Cirillo                Don Etheridge
      Virginia Shahid       Joshua Dorsette

      Johnny Pompey/President-Cal Ripken Baseball/DBYAL
     (non-board position)


     Herb Sellers             Mike Foster            Andy Widmark         Frank Jacobs
     Virginia Shahid         Teretha Tate          Ana Valasquez         Mike Birling
     Phil Nousak               Don Etheridge    


     Herb Sellers              Phil Nousak            Lisa Mitchell             Frank Jacobs
     Andy Widmark          Teretha Tate           Ana Valasquez         Mike Birling
     Don Etheridge

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